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Artists Cemetery

A Brief History

Rising above the Artists Cemetery, Thomas Penning's ten ton sculpture overlooks one of Woodstock's most enduring settings. Officially operated by the Woodstock Memorial Society, the original 80 ft. by 100 ft. plot of land was purchased by John Kingsbury following the tragic death of his son. Later, joined by friends Carl Lindin, James Shotwell, Bruno Zimm and James Stagg, additional land was purchased and, on November 4, 1934, the Woodstock Memorial Society was incorporated.

In an effort to preserve the natural beauty of the landscape, the founding members sought to limit traditional symbols of grief. As a result, conventional tombstones and other visual intrusions were prohibited. As is still the case today, graves are marked only by ground-level stones, many crafted from native bluestone. In addition to the Penning sculpture, the only other above ground structure permitted is the memorial that honors the life of Byrdcliffe founder Ralph Whitehead and his family.

Unique in its setting and vision, the Artists Cemetery continues to serve as a reminder of Woodstock's countless contributions to the world of art, music, theater and the written word.

Richard Heppner
Woodstock Town Historian


Encircled by the everlasting hills, they rest here who added to the beauty of the world by art, creative thought, and by life itself.

Dr. James Shotwell

Among Those Memorialized Here

Robert Angeloch

Marianne Appel

Milton Avery

Arnold Blanch

Lucile Blanch

Heywood Hale Broun

Bolton Brown

John Brown

Petra Cabot

John F. Carlson

Margaret Goddard Carlson

Penny Carlson

Robert Eric Carlson

Eduardo Chavez

Aileen Cramer

Florence Cramer

Konrad Cramer

Margot Cramer

Bruce Currie

Paula Danziger

Karl Fortess

Emil Ganso

Eugene Gershoy

Marion Greenwood

Philip Guston

Carolyn Haeberlin

John Herald

Jane Van Ness Hays Jones

Wendell Jones

John Kingsbury

John Kingsbury Jr.

Howard Koch

Manuel Komroff

Yasuo Kuniyoshi

Julia Leaycraft

Doris Lee

Harry Leith-Ross

Carl Eric Lindin

Ethel Magafan

Jenne Magafan

Sonia & Georges Malkine

Fletcher Martin

Henry Mattson

John McCellan

Henry Lee McFee

Austin Mecklem

Edward Millman

Alexandra Padwa

John Pike

Vasco Pini

Robert Plate

Walter Plate

Joseph Pollet

Lilo Raymond

Anton Refregier

Charles Rosen

Andree Ruellan

James Shotwell

Hannah Small

Eugene Speicher

James Stagg

Katherine Worthington Taylor

Richard Tee

Phoebe & Belmont Towbin

Janine Pommy Vega

Carl Walters

Harry Wehle

Hervey White

Ralph Whitehead

Located in Woodstock, NY

Take a pleasant walk from the Woodstock Village Green and step into this remarkable setting.


Let your thoughts be carried back through the decades and inspired by Woodstock's cultural legacy.

The Woodstock Artist Cemetery is tucked off the beaten path, minutes from the town's center:

12 Mountain View Avenue

Woodstock, NY 12498

Download a Walking Map.

See Google directions.

Contact Us


The Artists Cemetery is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.
  Charitable donations are tax-deductible.
  To maintain this unique treasure you may send donations to:
 The Woodstock Memorial Society

PO Box 1269
Woodstock, NY 12498

For more information about the Woodstock Artists Cemetery please contact 

OSCAR BUITRAGO  (917) 620-2056

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